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Hepburn Group

Hepburn Group

When it comes to fire protection, we provide a comprehensive suite of services, including the installation of fire-rated partitions, fire barriers, and penetration seals. Our goal is to enhance the safety of your premises while adhering to the highest standards of quality and compliance. We have 3rd party accreditation via the BM Trada Q-Mark scheme and we provide visual full records of our installation.

Fire Stopping

Passive Fire Stopping protects elements of the building without the need for automation or power. Considered as a ‘built-in defence’, fire stopping is critical to life safety and forms a significant part of building regulations.

Originally founded in 1967, the Hepburn Group has always strived to achieve the highest standards in ensuring life safety – We carry PI insurance, Q-Mark Certification via BM Trada plus we employ highly skilled individuals from across the construction industry.

Rigorous QA procedures

All our staff are highly skilled and approach their work in a coordinated and professional manner. We operate rigorous Quality Assurance procedures on all of our projects, and always aim for the highest industry standards.

Our on-site supervisors offer a wealth of experience and knowledge – We pride ourselves on being innovative and dynamic in our work to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Estimating service

Our estimating team provide detailed cost planning alongside additional value engineering services. Our long-established history allows us to obtain the best possible rates via our purchasing department allowing us to be competitive but also efficient with time.

Various manufacturers / Systems appropriate to the project / end user

We provide tailored and specific solutions by selecting manufacturer’ systems that are right for the project. At Hepburn Fire Protection we only select manufacturer’s systems that are fully tested and approved by an independent governing body. This approach gives our customers and us confidence that the installations will perform as required and for the required lifetime of the building.

OneTrace Fire Protection Software

At HFP we utilise the OneTrace app that gives a clear and transparent pack of information for every project, detailing all installations, photographic evidence of each install plus mark-ups on plan drawings to show locations of each installation. These reports can be used by the building client to help demonstrate compliance to Regulation 38.

BM trada – 3rd party accreditation achieved giving reassurance and confidence

As an approved Q-Mark installer, we have achieved our 3rd party accreditation via BM Trada. This accreditation demonstrates that HFP are regularly assessed by BM Trada plus inspections of work are carried out. Companies that achieve this rating are awarded a certificate plus listed on the BM Trada approved list of installers. This accreditation gives us the ability to issue technical documentation and reports relating to the building’s fire stopping needs.

Technical consultancy service

Fire Safety and Building Safety Regulations have never been so tightly regulated – At HFS we go the extra mile with our in-house technical consultancy to ensure compliance and to help our customers understand their obligations.

We can assist by providing a wide range of fire protection consultancy services aimed at preventing the spread of fire & smoke within buildings.

Our consultancy is ideally positioned to support main contractors, interior specialists or facility management companies who require a one stop, bespoke service to accommodate all their passive fire protection needs.

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